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Back to School Mom & I Highlight Special

  Need a fresh style for the new school year? Join your daughter for a back to school mom and I highlight special. Get 20 foils for $25 with a full price color. Add on trim and style for an extra $25. *AUG.12-17th PRODUCT OF THE WEEK! Are your lovely locks needing some serious repair after all the summer fun in the sun? Formula 18 mask is the perfect intense moisturizing treatment that instantly repairs your hair. *Aug. 12-17th Weekly Workout HIIT Workout Do everything for 45 sec and repeat 3-4 times. -Jump Squats- Mountain Climbers- Burpees- Lateral Plank Walks- Jump Lungs Each Side- Push-ups Easy Back to School Crockpot Chicken 5 Chicken Breasts1 Bottle light Italian Dressing3 Cloves Garlic1...

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End of Summer Refresh and Rejuvenate!

  After a Summer of fun in the sun, it's time to give your hair some much needed TLC. Remove minerals, chemicals and buildup from your hair with a Clarifying and Deep Conditioning Treatment $35 special this week Aug. 5-10th. Combine with our Clarifying Shampoo before your next salon visit. 30% OFF!   Formula 18 Mask is magic in a bottle. Want smooth, soft, luxurious hair? This is a must for every hair type. A plant based formula that reinforces the hair. A must have for the summer heat hair repair. Buy the F18 Mask, Leave in Conditioner, or Enjoy conditioning spray, and get a travel size for FREE! *Aug 5-10 BOTOX PARTY! Summer sun can wreak havoc on your skin. Want...

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9 Common Hair Care Mistakes

1. You use crappy shampoo- Although, shampoo doesn't have to be expensive to work well, it needs to contain the right key ingredients. Many shampoos contain harsh detergents like sodium laurel sulfate, high levels of alcohol, plastics and other ingredients that can be extremely drying.  2. You wash your hair too much- Washing your hair everyday strips your mane of necessary oils. We recommend washing only every second or third day for shiny healthy locks. 3.You don't rinse before you shampoo- You know to rinse your hair after you shampoo and conditioner, but you should start with a good rinse, too. Your products will be be much more effective if they're used on thoroughly rinsed hair. Make that cold wet...

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