Step by step Easy Messy Braid

Step one~ Back comb the crown of the head at the base for volume. Then part a small section from the crown and braid down the center.

Step two~ Before you start the updo you will want to pre curl your client for the best results.

Step three~ Begin to take medium sections from either sides of the head and twisting them. After twisting make it lose by slightly pulling out pieces while still holding the end of the section. 

Step four~ Spray the twisted section before connecting it into your braid. 

Step five~ Loop the twisted section threw one of the braid holes. Repeat this same process as you go down the braid and rotate taking sections from either side of the head. 

Step six~ As you reach the bottom to finish your look you can either back comb it up and bobby pin for a more messy look or you can wrap the bottom with a clear elastic. Add last finishing touches and pull out any pieces for a more desirable messy look.

Side note~ This look is very versatile and can be done any way you want, there is no right or wrong way! Have fun with it and create something beautiful!