Girl Problems- What would you do?

Girl Problem #95 

You were going to cut your hair and your friend shows up with the same haircut you wanted. Do you go for it anyway?

Girl Problem #96

You show up wearing the same outfit as your friend or someone you don't know. Do you embrace it or hide?

Girl Problem #97

Not really digging your friends new style... She asks for your opinion? Do you sugarcoat or suggest other options?

My advice is to always be honest, be as kind and loving as possible. You get more respect from others if you give your honest opinion in a kind way. If someone is wearing the same shirt as you, laugh it off and know that you both have good taste. If you want that haircut your friend got before you had the chance, just joke with them about how they took it for a test run before you got the opportunity. Now it's your turn.