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Wow, this is finally happening! I have been talking about starting this blog forever and yay, here we go! Here is a quick bio about me. I have been a hairdresser since 1999, and opened up my shop in 2010. I married my high school sweetheart and have three awesome kids. I have 14 hairdressers and 6 stylists on my insanely talented team. We have established a culture based on my fun facts. Here they are in organized bullets:

- Our business is personal, there is only room for kindness and respect.

- I really like to laugh (a little too much).

- People say I'm nice (well thats nice).

- I'm not interested in competing with anyone. I believe if you try, then we will all make it.

- If you are going to be weird, be confident about it.

- Oh and I really like to ramble... working on that.

My work family

My family

Let's talk hair! I will begin with Hair Myths. Yes I know it is random, but that's the way I roll...

Three of the most common Hair Myths:

First, is that you should wash your hair everyday. Wrong, washing your hair everyday will dry it out by removing your hair's natural oils and proteins. Best to wash your hair when it's dirty. Average is two to three times a week! A dry shampoo is always a good idea, to use in-between washes. Save yourself some time, time is precious!

Second, Hair Myth is "If I pluck my grey hair, it will just go away". Well, right and wrong, too much plucking will create a bald spot , eventually destroying the hair follicle. Don't do it... If you do not visit the salon on a regular basis, get a hair color that will help blend your grey hair with your natural hair color. 

Third, Hair Myth is "frequent trims make your hair grow faster". Cutting the ends of your hair does not determine how fast or how much your follicle in your scalp grows. Regular trims will make your hair look longer, by getting rid of the split ends. By getting rid of your split ends, it reduces hair breakage and breakage is what makes your hair look thinner/shorter at the ends. Ask your stylist to trim the minimum amount necessary every 8-12 weeks. 

Stay Posted for Tips, Tricks and Video Tutorials!

I love big changes! Just did this beautiful cut & color the other day...




Different Variations of the "Bob" are classics! The bob haircut is like your black dress, timeless.

Your Hair is your Best Accessory!