9 Common Hair Care Mistakes

1. You use crappy shampoo-

Although, shampoo doesn't have to be expensive to work well, it needs to contain the right key ingredients. Many shampoos contain harsh detergents like sodium laurel sulfate, high levels of alcohol, plastics and other ingredients that can be extremely drying. 

2. You wash your hair too much-

Washing your hair everyday strips your mane of necessary oils. We recommend washing only every second or third day for shiny healthy locks.

3.You don't rinse before you shampoo-

You know to rinse your hair after you shampoo and conditioner, but you should start with a good rinse, too. Your products will be be much more effective if they're used on thoroughly rinsed hair. Make that cold wet hair, cool water is best during your entire washing process. It will help maintain color and keep the cuticle closed.

4.You use too much product-

A professional shampoo and conditioner is more concentrated and you do not need to use as much. Depending on your hair type, you will use a dime size to the size of a quarter. You also do not need to condition your roots. Shampoo is only for your scalp and the conditioner is meant for your mid-shaft to ends. Your scalp does not need the hydrating effects of the conditioner and there's a good chance that it will weigh your hair down. Save on product and make sure to use a small amount and avoid conditioning your scalp.

5.You finish with hot water-

As we stated above, cold water is best at all times during your hair wash routine. It is extra-important for maintaining your hair color. Redheads and platinum blondes need to be sure to always keep it cool.

6. You don't style your fringe right away

As soon as you are out of the shower, be sure to comb your fringe into the desired shape so it doesn't dry with any cowlicks or kinks. When your fringe is dry, it will become defiant and nearly impossible to style.

7. You brush your hair too much-

Brushing your hair too much can cause split ends and make your hair frizzy. A good wet brush will help get the knots out without roughing up your tresses too much.

8.You wait too long between haircuts-

When growing your hair out, you may wait too long to schedule your next hair trim thinking a cut will defeat your master plan. But know that your split ends have a master plan of their own. The thing about split ends is they don't stay on the ends, they will continue to split all the way up the hair shaft, and when you finally decide to get a trim, you will need to cut a lot more to get it looking healthy. We recommend every 6-8 weeks, 10 weeks at the very most.

9. You use heat without protection-

Using heat on your hair without a heat protectant is like having unprotected sex and you will regret it later. Always remember that!!  Heat can cause breakage and split ends. Alway blow-dry your hair down the hair shaft in the direction it grows from the scalp, for a smooth finish.

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